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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  October 16, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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time. this happened late tuesday evening. she had just left this bank branch on west bel air avenue when police say a man came up to her and command demanded her car at gunpoint. she hit the panic button on her key fob and the guy walked away but not before it was caught on camera on an atm. police don't think it's connected to the abduction last year. that suspect still hasn't been caught. one person saw something in an photo that helped police catch the guy. >> the physical descriptions are not really consistent with what we were looking at last year. >> reporter: mrs. ripken wasn't harmed in the incident and was able to help police give a description of the suspect. reporting live in aberdeen, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. 11 years ago today seven members of the dawson family were killed in a fire boom attack on their east baltimore
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home. the murders were in retaliation for the familiar's efforts to stop drug dealing in their neighborhood. today the anniversary will be marked announcing a new proposal aimed at curbing violence and giving citizens a safe place to go. the supreme court will not look at maryland's new gun law. justices yesterday refused to hear from a group that say they have the right to bear arms. the supreme court refused to review the decision. this morning the search continues for an escaped convict. elwood veney was on trash detail, last seen running towards annapolis mall yesterday. police say call 911 if you see him and call right away. he was sentenced to five years in prison for robbery with a deadly weapon. new this morning a psychiatric hospital patient accused of stabbing a nurse with a metal spike. this happened monday at the
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fenton center in cumberland. officials say it's possible the weapon may have come from a gutter outside of the building but they are not sure. the nurse was stabbed in the head but will be ok. craig zilo is charged with attempted murder. douglas halloran's car hit a utility pole and went up in flames. police say speed is a possible factor in the crash. police say 28-year-old dean wil dna matched on a rape and burglary charge. he will be sentenced in january. an elderly couple escapes their burning home. crews are trying to figure out now what caused the fire. it happened on east 22nd
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street in a row home, began in the second floorbledroom and quickly went to the third floor. it took crews less than 20 minutes to put out the names. a special anniversary for os fans. do you remember what happened 30 years ago today, 1983? october 16th. the birds beat philadelphia in game five, the world series captured the third world title. cal caught that final out. scott mcgregor with the complete game shutdown. rick dempsey named world series mvp. the wet weather is back off towards the west but that is inching closer to us. i'll tell you when that finally arrives coming up. >> 5:08. jfx looking pretty good in the northbound and southbound lanes. just a couple of isolated construction-related delays. coming up. and when you get up -- can i play?
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technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this day in history. dr. martin luther king, the memorial in dc was dedicated as we know. it's gone through a few changes in time. some of the scripts have been changed but that memorial was opened on this day in 2011. this morning, got pictures to look at. it may be fall but another blast of winter weather in
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south dakota. the storm brought more snow, a slick and slushy drive. it was tough for tourists. also, we have to keep in mind a number of beef cattle were killed in this because that storm hit parts of south dakota so quickly. >> i want to see that in the wintertime, not fall. luckily they are drying out for today. around the four corners, colorado definitely dealing with snow falling across that area now. but this cold front is on the move. with it we have the rain that will begin to move in our direction as we go through tomorrow evening. that's the best chance for rain showers to come into the picture. we're not expecting real heavy rain but we are going to get wet. but for today we will stay dry for the most part, maybe a little bit of patchy drizzle but all in all a dry day with just plenty of clouds around. after that cold front moves through temperatures will drop down and we will get more sunshine in the forecast for us. temperatures now coming in 59 degrees in catonsville.
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westminster 56 degrees. so these temperatures are already starting out above average and we will stay that way as we go throughout the day. our future trend goes into motion. this picks up on the rain coming in here. for the commute tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, talking around 5:00, possibly before then but the bulk of the action really gets ramped up as we go towards the evening hours. early in the morning we could see wet roadways on friday but as we go throughout the day we'll get more sunshine working in. much better day to end the workweek just like we did yesterday. it was absolutely gorgeous. hopefully you got out there and took advantage of it because this is what is on tap for today. you see lots of clouds starting 7:00, 10:00, noon, 3:00, the clouds will be hovering throughout the day. 65 degrees to start. lunchtime 70. by 3:00 the high at 72.
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it's mild today. we want to see your pictures so please send them in. all you have to do is tweet them at abc2weather. this is the 7-day forecast. we break down thursday, i believe it starts thursday on a mainly dry note for the most part and then we pick up activity as we go towards the afternoon and evening. high at 73. we cool down behind that front on friday. we're talking about 356 degrees. even cooler as -- 56 degrees. even cooler as we head toward the weekend. bundle up for the race for the cure but it will be dry. good morning. we'll step outside and show you 695 west of maryland 41, pretty good so far. not talking about any big issues. timesaver traffic, these are some of the drive times looking good. let's see if i can back this up a little. 95 southbound exit 49, construction-related delays, also at the fort mchenry
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tunnel. more construction 95 southbound past exit 77. just be aware of that. otherwise the north side and south side of the beltway looks pretty good. not seeing any issues. weather and traffic together. back to you.
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let's check our weather with with meteorologist lynette charles. >> we're definitely dry for the most part but we have plenty of cloud cover around. i'll show you that in a second. but we have cold air along the west coast. you can see it along billings now, the dakotas already got show across the -- snow across the area yesterday. they are dry now. where we're seeing the snow across the four corners in colorado, all this colder air will start to work in our direction so we are going to start to cool these temperatures down. you can see the big picture here, what is going on. we have a cold front that is draped right along where you're seeing this rain that is beginning to push off. this is going to move in as we head towards tomorrow afternoon, especially the evening time frame. in the meantime what we are going to be dealing with today, not a lot. we just have a few clouds lingering across the area this morning. so we won't get a lot of sunshine in here like we did
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yesterday. so be prepared to bring out the rain gear setting your accept up for tomorrow. in the meantime, heading out the door, take a jacket or maybe a sweater, just something with long sleeves, but these temperatures are pretty much above average. close to 630 in wood -- 60 in woodbine now. 57 manchester, ellicott city and also cockeysville. the 60s are in the city, 63 degrees now. 61 glen burnie. more of the same in chestertown. 59 in perry hall and elkton around 58 degrees. so today will be that transition period from yesterday to today. so around 7:00 this morning still under a mostly cloudy sky, 59 degrees. we work our way into 10:00 and clouds still horg hovering, 65. by lunchtime, should be mainly dry, maybe just a little drizzle but all in all it's going to be a mild cloudy day
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on tap. more traffic now with mike. >> good morning. this morning we're starting to load up the west side of the beltway early on, lots of volume picking up on the outer loop 695 just north of exit 17. baltimore national pike also looking very good this morning. so this is an easy commute thus far but as we know it's subject to change in baltimore. north side of the beltway, speeds 55 miles per hour. south of the city, key bridge, 52 miles per hour. most of the crossings looking good. go to the jfx, also looking good, speeds looking good on the inner loop and outer loop on the west side of the beltway. travel times, what you really want to know about, right? 695 between 95 to 83, outer loop that should take you 11 minutes. 795 to 95, that will take us about 11 minutes at the outer loop. 95 between the harbor tunnel
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out towards the fort mchenry tunnel, 6-minute commute on 95 southbound. more on weather and traffic in a bit. now to new york city, good morning. >> good morning. topping "america's money" -- the uncertainty of washington is not doing stock markets favors. the major averages were all down nearly 1% yesterday. fears ramped up after the closing bell when major credit agencies said it may downgrade the nation's aaa credit rating. and more about the initial public offerings of stocks. shares will be traded on the new york new york stock exchange as opposed to the tech heavy nasdaq. trouble for diet soda. more and more consumers are growing concerned with the ingredients including artificial sweeteners. last year diet coke sales fell 3%, diet pepsi sales fell 6%. it's nestle versusseries's. the packaging for the new nestle butterfinger peanut butter cups. they are being announced today.
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and will be on store shelves next year. that's "america's money." i'm diana perez. highlandtown staple closing after more than 80 years in business. the mayor is responding to the criticism. >> i'm sad to see santoni's go but i respectfully disagree that the bottle tax is solely to blame. particularly when we know that new stores entered into the marketplace in the the nearby communities providing consumers with additional options for shopping. >> they are also adding how important the city's virtual supermarket program has become. allows people to order groceries on-line and pick them up at a site for no deliver fee. [ wind howling ]
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sometimes restaurants can be noisy but what about this? one establishment is requiring diners to be quiet. what do you think about this? >> i have no problem with that. >> really? i think it's weird. no way. pretty quiet now across the inner harbor. he went left. no, he went right. on this wednesday morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. we're not going to be quiet at least for now because we're going to lynette charles who has a lot to say about the weather. >> getting everybody out the door, playing peekaboo with the temperatures. i'll step out of the way, there you go. 58 in columbia. temperatures are well above average. 61 davisonville and 58 in parkville. we have clouds that are keeping the temperatures up. winds are calm and light as of now. the weather is trying to be a little tricky.
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we have the potential for maybe a little bit of drizzle out there, patchy drizzle in spots but mainly we will stay dry but what we are going to be working with is the fact that we have plenty of cloud cover. look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar now, it looks dry but with the drizzle, raindrops just a little too small for the radar to detect so it could be drizzling, just be prepared throughout the day. once again mainly a dry day on tap with lots of clouds. if you're heading out to do the morning jog, that's fein, do the afternoon jog as well. don't expect lots of sunshine. you don't need the sunglasses today. by mid-morning we're 65 degrees. by lunchtime today that temperature coming in around 70. let's check traffic now with mike. >> megan pringle brought this up. good morning to our fabulous,
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lovely, so smart boss kelly. what would i do without her? >> best boss ever. >> that should get me through at least one renewal contract. can i talk her into a raise? good morning. chesaco looking pretty good. the commute is easy thus far. 695 at the baltimore national pike also looking good. this is 95 southbound past exit 49 and also working this 95 southbound past exit 77. we're expecting that construction to wrap up in the next 15 minutes. drive times looking good, lots of green on the screen. >> another check of weather and traffic together in less than 10 minutes. first an abduction, now this. the man attempting to take mrs. ripken's car at gunpoint. are the incidents here and last year related? >> reporter: police don't
5:27 am
believe the abduction had anything -- i mean, this robbery had anything to do with the abduction that happened to her last year. what happened here was late tuesday afternoon, she had just left this bank branch when police say a man came up to her and demanded her car at gunpoint. mrs. ripken hit the panic button on the key fob and the man ran away. it's not believed the abduction is related. that suspect is still at large. one officer saw something in the atm photo that helped catch this guy. >> they also had contact with this individual a week or so prior and they saw the photo, it sparked their memory. >> reporter: mrs. ripken wasn't harmed. in fact she was able to help police with a description of the suspect. live from aberdeen, roosevelt
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leftwich, abc2 news. some people in fullerton say they are afraid to take their dogs out for walks because other dogs are walking the streets. some say it's so bad they are bringing items to protect themselves and their pets. we've been on the streets and talked about the problem. one woman said two dogs attacked and killed her 2-year-old corgi mix. and three dogs dragged her and a rescue dog across the driveway. a man was bullied by dogs when he was out in his garden. >> it's very scary. because the whole time you walk and look up driveways, you look behind you, in front of you. because the dogs come from nowhere. we don't know where they are hiding. they are very aggressive. >> animal control is aware and say they are just beginning their investigation. a federal jury is awarded $250,000 to the father of a man killed by a swat team in 2005. the jury found officers from the cambridge police department violated the man's constitutional rights web they
5:29 am
failed to announce their presence when utilizing a search warrant. the family's lawyer says it was abusive to send officers early in the morning to execute a search warrant. a horrible story from florida. police say a 12-year-old girl was tormented so badly on line she climbed the top of the tower and fell to her death. even in death the on-line bullying didn't stop. one of the police officers say they are responsible. went on facebook and saw "yes, i bullied rebecca and she killed herself, i don't give [expletive] ". the sheriff is deciding whether the parents should also be charged too. >> as a child i can remember being told sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you. today words stick because they are printed and there forever.
5:30 am
>> about a year ago one of the girls threatened to fight rebecca while she was in the sixth grade. she switched school and the bullying continued. it's believed the bullying began when she was dating a boy. reports say the maryland rural county coalition is planning an economic summit for the next month in annapolis. the summit will be part of the organization's annual meeting. unemployment is a crucial lifeline for many maryland families in tough times. in annapolis today the governor is expected to make an announcement regarding unemployment tax rates for the next year. under state law the tax rates are determined each year based on the health of a trust fund on september 30th. we'll let to say today. ♪
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chances are you've never seen one before. this came off the katia lina islands -- cal lina islands off southern california. what is it? >> orca thing. >> what is it? >> orca thing. >> he's been fascinated, the
5:34 am
snake-like fish in the waters thousands of feet deep, 3,000 feet deep to be exact, living largely unstudied by scientists. it's the largest bony fish species, can reach up to 56 feet as you can see. it took more than a dozen people to get it out. what is it? >> orca fish. >> i'm never going in the ocean again looking at that thing. this story is also for you. a panda cub born in china learning to crawl. of course looks pretty cute doing it. she's just 100 days old. weighs about 14 pounds. the cub now walks by herself though she falls every few steps. according to the zoo when she gets to be 4 months old she'll be walking quite steadily. zoo officials held a contest to name her. we'll learn the new name at the end of the month. >> lynette? >> yes. >> no, that's her name. >> oh. maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar is nice and dry now. we are going to basically stay that way as we go throughout the day. this morning we do have patchy fog along the eastern shore. so look what's going on in easton now, only 4-mile visibility, so be careful as you head out in that area. at the bus stop, we're expecting mile conditions. it will stick with us throughout the day. mild conditions. above average temperatures will continue as we go through the overnight. 56 degrees, overcast. the temperatures will stay above for a while. then the cold front will move through. that is going to drop the temperatures down. if you like the temperatures in the 70s you're going to get it today, you're going to get it tomorrow. the only thing that happens tomorrow is while we have the potential for showers to work their way in here, we're talking about in the afternoon and evening timeframe. so another mild day on tap. the next few days, this is what we can expect, the showers working in as we go through the afternoon tomorrow.
5:36 am
today should stay mainly dry. maybe a little drizzle in spots but all in all just the clouds. in the morning still possibly wet roads because thursday evening overnight we'll still have the wet weather in here. the bigger story on friday is how we will dry out nicely and we'll really cool down with 66 degrees. how long will we stay in the 60s and what can you expect for the weekend? that is coming up. let's talk about this. there is nothing going on, on the roads, just maybe some volume around bwi as you get to 195. otherwise look at the north side of the beltway, harford road looking really good, both outer loop and inner loop. 695, baltimore national pike also looking good this morning. so nothing to trip you up. just a couple of pockets of construction out there. this is 95 southbound at exit 49 and 95 southbound at exit
5:37 am
77. that is go it. speed sensors look pretty good. 55 essex, key bridge looking good. west side of the beltway, usually this loads up. lots of green on the screen. so travel times this morning -- >> let's look, it's mild this morning, right? temperatures close to 50, not bad. gorgeous shot. lynette will have a check of the forecast when we come back. [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
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consumer news. federal health officials are recalling an injectable antibiotic due to floating particles found in the vials of the drug. the agency warns that using the antibiotic, could actually result in blood clots causing strokes or heart attacks. this is serious. they also say it can cause other catastrophic problems.
5:41 am
officials say specks of metal, cotton fiber and hair were found in a sample batch with the drug. a nuclear power plant had 147 safety violations during a 12-year period. the report by the ap says the lower level violations pose very low risks. calvert cliffs had seven higher level violations in the same period in 2000 and 2012. 4:56. a series of meetings to determine where boundaries will be drawn for a 234áu elementary school at mays chapel will start today. reports say the boundary committee will meet four times before the information is released to the public. tonight's meeting is 5:30 to 7:30 at cockeysville middle school. the new 700-foot elementary school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2014. a school in to texas is giving fair warning about how
5:42 am
serious they are about the security plan. signs are posted at the high school and elementary schools warning that staff are armed and may use whatever force is necessary to president-elect the students. the school board voted unanimously to allow trained staff members to have firearms on campus. the school superintendent says the new security plan were in the works for a year and they were just part of it. >> when they drive up to our campus they will realize we have taken steps to protect our kids and staff. that is the deterrent for them. >> the district's $150,000 security plan also includes bulletproof windows, security cameras and intercom system. the superintendent says the signs were not necessarily motivated by the elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut in december. we're on the bring of what some are saying is the possibility of economic
5:43 am
default. however lawmakers are still working on a deal to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. talks will resume in washington this morning by both the house and senate. they adjourned last night without a deal. the president says he expects congress to get something done to avoid that default. once again this story has been developing for more than two weeks. it will keep on going probably until about 11:00 tonight. let's talk about the temperatures. we are above average. 55 degrees now in owings mills. 59 laurel. 60 pasadena. 59 easton. 57 in elkton and edgewood. these temperatures are going to stay above average as we go thought the day. the reason why they are above average as well, we have the cloud cover out there. clouds act as a blanket so temperatures really can't drop off. we see rain, some of the green stuff will begin to work its way in here as we head towards tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow
5:44 am
evening. all this is courtesy of a cold front that will treck through the area as well. and it's going to really drop those temperatures off as we head towards the end of the week into the weekend. our most accurate future trend gives you the timeline of win we can expect the rain to work in. as we go into the commute tomorrow evening that is when we're starting to see rain coming in across the area. might get a little break in the action. then it could pick up again as we go towards the nighttime. into the morning hours on friday. as we go through the day on friday high pressure would have already built in. we're talking about plenty of sunshine across the area but cooler temperatures. for today not cool, 70 degrees by lunchtime, these temperatures are going to be on the mild side make sure you tweet us at abc2weather. we want to get that picture on the air for you. and as we head towards friday, drying out nicely and cooling down as we head to the race for the cure on sunday. it will be cool. that will continue through next
5:45 am
week. the traffic now with mike. good morning. bwi marshall, no flight delays, congestion picking up -- but most the roads looking good. this is 83, coming from york county you're looking good the entire span of 83 from york county to 695/83 split. 95 southbound past exit 49, some delays. the jfx at fayette street dealing with some condestruction-related delays this morning but not a big deal in town. looking at the inner loop at wilkens, also some construction so that may trip you up as you get past wilkens avenue. otherwise the drive times are looking good. another check of weather and traffic in a bit. a real-life hollywood story may have saved the life of a baltimore county woman. her name is brooke schoff and
5:46 am
she's been getting mammograms for 20 years. her mom died from breast cancer so she started to take it seriously. then she heard the story of angelina jolie's double mass mastectomy in may and decided to go for genetic testing. turns out brooke schoff tested positive for a change in the breast cancer gene. that is when she had her breasts removed and doctors found stage 2 cancer. >> these can be replaced. my life can't. >> she will have to do chemotherapy since the cancer in her lymph nodes. the doctors said by the time the mammogram would have caught the cancer it would have probably been too late. brooke schoff will be joining us for the komen race for the cure in hunt valley. you can still register, go to for a link on the web site. you can sign up there. you can always join us on tv for the race too because we'll be broadcasting it live. one of the most painful
5:47 am
things a parent can go through, watching a child battle cancer. thanks for the work of people like tori smith these kids have a fighting chance. there was a fundraiser last night to help children with cancer. the brown family know what it is like. their son grayson needed a life saving bone marrow transplant. >> this for us is just a representation of a healing process, a fabulous time to kind of celebrate the healing of our children and a fun time as a family. >> children ran through the players' tunnel. that is cool. fans had a chance to meet the super bowl champion. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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i ski with pink. i can't get enough pink. come on, everyone. buy raspberry 5-hour energy benefitting living beyond breast cancer. come on, let's support pink. looks good, doesn't it? al sharpton tells his story of how he became a religious leader and civil rights activist. last night he was in baltimore promoting his new book. he not only shares his personal story but also lessons he feels others could learn from. a restaurant in new york city is leaving its diners speechless. >> at least once a week a diner
5:51 am
in brooklyn requires diners to are quiet. >> the head chef says the inspiration came from his time in a buddhist monastery where they ate in silence breakfast every morning. while diners feast on an or demandic four- -- organic four- course meals and they can use hand gestures and nods to communicate. >> we found ways of communicating that worked very well. >> i can enjoy my food, that would be nice. >> i wouldn't last a second. are you kidding? management says they have not had to discipline anyone for making noise but there had been some close calls. shutdown smackdown time in washington state. a teacher takes a student on a hike and gets $125 ticket. what the park rangers say
5:52 am
happened. junk food can be addicting. college students are proving it. using lab rats, oreos and cocaine.
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5:54 am
government shutdown continues and politicianings can't seem to come to an agreement. that is bad enough with time
5:55 am
running out, so is our money. >> and the mother of cal ripken scares off a robber. how did police track down the suspect and eventually make an arrest? wednesday, october 16th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. let's start with lynette charles and the weather. >> 56 degrees now in glenwood, also we're dealing with with the dew points at 56 as well. with that we have some patchy fog in spots. so be prepared. you may want to give yourself more time on the roads especially along the eastern shore. we'll have reduced visibility there. union bridge 56. we have that dew point. air still saturated, winds light in nature out of the east at 4 miles. continue turn south as we go through the afternoon. we'll be mild throughout the day. as you head out you don't need
5:56 am
a jacket, maybe just some long sleeves but all in all these temperatures above average. it is mild. do you need the raincoat for today? we have the possibility for maybe some patchy drizzle this morning. the only thing is, the patchy drizzle is not going to show up on radar. the raindrops too small for that. we'll stay mainly dry as we go throughout the day. just plenty of clouds around. by tomorrow that is when we'll start to see more rain moving in, as you go into the afternoon and evening timeframe. if you have the day off today or will take off work a little early, pick out that pumpkin, carve it for the kids. that temperatures by this afternoon coming in at 72 degrees. that i will with be the high. let's check the traffic. >> good morning. 95 southbound at the fort mchenry tunnel, some construction-related delays as you get into the tunnel. otherwise outside we go and 83 looking really good. this is a shot north of exit 16, 695 at the baltimore national pike also looking pretty good. most of our speeds sensors are
5:57 am
not showing up but we're seeing pretty good drive times there. inner city limits not bad, 295, 95 looking gut. adjacent to the city. we'll talk more about the traffic coming up. but notice not much happening thus far this morning. an airport employee was arrested in connection with dry ice explosions at los angeles international airport. police say dicarlo bennet is responsible for the scares, he's a baggage handler accused of taking dry ice from a plane and placing it in a bathroom sunday night. police previously said it didn't appear to be an act of terror but likely something done by a disgruntled employee. first abduction, now this. the first lady of baltimore baseball, vi ripken has another brush with trouble as a man attempts to take her car at gunpoint outside of a harford county bank. roosevelt leftwich is live this morning in aberdeen with the
5:58 am
details. it appears this story had a different ending than ripken's other brush with trouble a year ago. >> reporter: yes. in fact police just believe the iron man's mother was just in the wrong place at the wrong time this time around. it happened late tuesday afternoon here at the nbrs bank branch here when police say a man came up to vi ripken and demanded her car at gunpoint. mrs. ripken hit the panic button on the key fob and the guy walked away but not before it was caught on a camera. police don't think it's connected to her abduction last year. that suspect is still at large but one officer saw something in the atm photo that helped police catch this guy. >> the physical description not really consistent with what we were looking at last year. >> reporter: vi ripken was not harmed.
5:59 am
in fact she helped police give a description of the guy who tried to rob her. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. a deal appears to be in the works and end to the government standoff between republicans and democrats, it may soon be over for now. they adjourned last night without a deal to's avoid default. the senate leaders restarted negotiations after the house speaker john boehner's alternative plan was soundly rejected by tea party as well as republicans. before it came up for a vote. democrats say the gop is currently in disarray and that is putting the country in danger. >> make no mistake, the bill republicans are putting on the floor today is a decision to default. >> that was nancy pelosi speaking. markets responded with a down tuesday as credit agency fitch says the u.s. aaa trip rating is now under review. reid and mcconnell


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